BUREAU OF LAWYERS “DE JURE” is one of the leaders of the Russian market of legal services. This is confirmed by the company’s high positions in the specialized ratings of Kommersant and Pravo.ru-300.

Our brand – “De jure” – appeared in 2003. Today, the Moscow City Bar Association “Bureau of Lawyers “De Jure” consists of more than 70 attorneys and lawyers. The Bureau is included in the TOP-12 law firms in terms of the number of lawyers (according to Pravo-300).

Our lawyers are highly qualified and progressive-minded professionals with up to 40 years of legal experience. Deep knowledge of Russian and international law in dynamics, much practice, as well as experience in legislative activity allow us to comprehensively protect the interests of the client and provide advice on any legal issues, including in the field of foreign economic activity.

“Bureau of Lawyers “De Jure” has offices in Moscow and Tyumen. And although we work in different time zones, “De Jure” is a truly solid team, ready to resolve the most difficult legal conflicts of our clients.

Working with a client, we establish an individual relationship with him.

Our main principle is reliability.

Reliability is in finding of the optimal strategy for solving your problem.

Reliability is in complete confidentiality.

Reliability is in achieving the best result.

For more than 15 years of work, we have provided legal assistance to hundreds of clients. Among them are large financial institutions, construction, pharmaceutical, oil producing and processing companies, organizations from various sectors of the economy. Many of them entrusted the Bureau with constant legal services.

MOSCOW CITY BAR ASSOCIATION “BUREAU OF LAWYERS “DE JURE” is your reliable business partner.

With best regards,

Nikita Vladimirovich Filippov,

Head of MCBA “BUREAU OF LAWYERS “DE JURE”, honorary attorney of Russia.



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