MOSCOW CITY BAR ASSOCIATION “BUREAU OF LAWYERS “DE JURE” found in 2003 unifies highly qualified and dynamically thinking lawyers with legal experience from 5 to 37 years.

Thorough knowledge of Russian and international law, great amount of law-enforcement practice as well as legislative experience allow us to ensure comprehensive protection of a customer’s interests and provide advice on any legal issues including foreign trade.
More than 20 lawyers and almost 100 employees and associates of lawyers constitute our solid team that is capable of solving the most complex legal problems.
In our work, we establish individual relations with each and every customer.
Our main principle is reliability.
Reliability – in search of the optimal strategy to solve your task. Reliability – in complete privacy.
Reliability – in achieving the best result.
In 15 years of work, we have rendered legal aid to hundreds of customers. Many of them have entrusted us with performing constant legal service for them.
MOSCOW CITY BAR ASSOCIATION “BUREAU OF LAWYERS “DE JURE” is your reliable business partner.
With best regards,
Nikita Vladimirovich Filippov,
Honorary attorney of Russia,



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